How to Train and Study for a Sports Career

Jobs in sport are diverse. You might be interested in the health and fitness side of things, or perhaps your skills are more aligned with sports development, management or media and communications.

Whatever path you go down, finding success in your career requires more than just passion. These days you need to study for a sports career to develop particular skills and build your own personal experience.

To give you a better idea of what you need to do, here’s the Academy of Sport’s rundown on the sports courses in the sports industry, and what you can expect in the workforce itself!

Research sports courses

The sports industry is as competitive off the field as it is on it. The number of jobs in sports is staggering, and the number of people hoping to break into the industry is just as impressive.

So how do you edge out the competition? Like in most industries, studying a sports-related course and gaining the right qualifications is the best way to get things started.  

Two of the most common starting points are with sports development courses and fitness courses.

If you’re passionate about health physical activity, our Certificate III in Fitness SIS30315 will give you the skills and experience to start working in the industry right away.

With a qualification like this, you could become a fitness instructor, group exercise instructor or gymnasium instructor, finding employment in gyms, fitness centres, hospitals, schools and other institutions.  

After working in the industry for a while, you might decide to take your learning up a notch and enrol in a course such as the Certificate IV in Fitness SIS40315. This qualification will set you up to become a personal trainer.

You’ll work with people from all backgrounds, helping them achieve their personal health and fitness goals. With a big enough client base, you could easily set up your own business and carve out a niche in the industry.

If you’re more interested in the business side of the sports industry, you’re in luck. Not only is it a booming field, there are specific courses you can study that will help you break into the field.  

Our Sports Development training is an ideal gateway to a number of different roles. Perfect for school-leavers, current or ex-athletes, coaches, or anyone looking to work in sport, this training will help you tackle careers in sports management, coaching, development, administration and marketing.

This qualification also provides a solid foundation if you want to take your studies a step further with university-level education, such as health and exercise science.

Life after learning

After studying one or two sports courses, you’ll be heading into the world of work. Hopefully you’ll have an idea of what kind of job you want, and which sport you’re interested in working in.

But like in any industry, the more experience you build up, the better your job prospects will be. Plus, you’ll develop a stronger idea of what it is you want to achieve.

So where do you start? It depends. If you’ve studied fitness courses and you’re hoping to become an instructor or personal trainer, your first step might be to find employment at a gym, or to start advertising for clients.

For those looking to begin their career in sports development or management, doing an internship can be the perfect way to get your foot in the door. No matter what path you go down, experience counts. This means you’ll need to put in the time and effort to build your career.

Along the way, it’s smart to develop a network of colleagues and contacts. Be proactive about going to events, job searching and building your social media presence. The sports industry is incredibly varied, and the more you’re involved, the more opportunities you’ll hear about.  

Your career starts here

At the Academy of Sport, we believe it’s important to put your head down and study for a sports career. Our friendly staff members are all experienced professionals and teachers who take pride in giving students the skills they need to make real progress in their career.

If you’re keen to know more about our sports courses, jobs in sports or what it takes to succeed in the industry, get in touch with we’ll be happy to chat about your options!