Travelling the world as a personal trainer

Thinking of a career as a personal trainer? Whether you’re nearing the end of your studies, or are considering starting an online fitness course, you may be thinking about your future options.

As well as strong career prospects here in Australia, a career in personal training could take you to all four corners of the globe.

Are You Qualified?

If you’ve got a desire for travel, why not combine it with your career in the form of travelling personal trainer jobs? Travel features on almost every young person’s bucket list, so it makes sense to fund your travels with work while abroad.

Whether you want to travel between locations frequently, or pack up and move to another country for a few years, you’ll soon realise how far your current personal training certification can take you.

The standard personal training certification is a vocational qualification, such as the Certificate III in Fitness SIS30315. According to the Australian Qualifications Framework, this is the minimum qualification to teach personal training or fitness here in Australia.

When it comes to working overseas, it’s recommended that you upskill and complete the new personal training certification. This is the Certificate IV in Fitness SIS40215. Rest assured these are both online fitness courses, so they can fit around your existing commitments as you plan your big getaway.

Having this extra knowledge under your belt will help you to secure steady long-term work in a number of countries around the world.

You may find working and travelling much easier than a number of other professions, as Australian accreditations are widely accepted as above standard—though you’ll want to do a little research about any one specific destination to double check.

Your Overseas Job Options

When you start to think about how to travel as a fitness instructor or personal trainer, it’s important to remember that there is no right or wrong way to do it.

Starting your own class or studio is one option, although this requires investment and you may want to build up a network of contacts before you go down this route. It’s also an ideal option if you’re interested in working in one location for an extended period.

Why not start by moving around and seeing what works best for you?

Cruise ships often hire personal trainers and fitness instructors to run classes for guests, and you could find yourself seeing new parts of the world for free.

Private personal training for higher-end clientele can be a lucrative avenue if you meet the right people and effectively target this niche. Finding work at a retreat or resort is another great way to extend your stay in one location, practise a language, and expand your professional network.

You’ll have a steady influx of clients, not to mention picturesque surrounds in which to take classes, as well as plenty of other on-site benefits. In many of these options, you may find that extras like meals and accommodation come included—a huge benefit for someone travelling on a budget.

If you’re a digital native, you can also run your own online fitness courses. You could start a subscription video channel, build your own website, or even run it entirely from Instagram.

This will not only teach you new skills in marketing, business management and finances, but will let you earn an income while you move between cities.

All of these options require you to be proactive. Travelling personal trainer jobs can be competitive, as can be the online fitness industry. To give yourself the best shot, start preparing before you head overseas.

Boost Your Employability

Perhaps you’ve found an amazing opportunity and want to make sure that your application is at the top of the pile. The better the opportunity, the more candidates with the same personal training certification will be competing against you for an interview.

The good news is that there are a number of ways in which you can communicate to your potential employer that you are the best pick for the job. Focus on the skills you currently have, how you can improve them, and extra skills that can give you a competitive edge.

Will you be interacting with people from other countries that speak a different language? In this instance, it may be best to brush up on existing language skills and spend some time re-familiarising yourself in-country before you start working.

If you’ll be working in spaces with children present, or directly with children, look into getting the equivalent of an Australian Working With Children Check for good measure.

An up-to-date First Aid certificate is essential, and it is a bonus to take specialised First Aid qualifications. This is important no matter what environment you expect to be working in.

Benefits of Working and Travelling

Working overseas can mean more than satisfying your craving to travel. It can also boost your career.

You might learn how to travel as a fitness instructor teaching yoga after refining your craft among the yogis of India.

Perhaps you’ll specialise in Muay Thai after your travels take you through Thailand.

Take it as an opportunity to build on what you learnt in Australia through your online fitness courses and you could very well stumble across your new passion.

Travel is all about discovery. Through fitness, you’ll surprise yourself just how much you discover.

If you want to get started with your online fitness course, take a look at what you can study at the Academy of Sport today.