Your Future Career: A Long-Term Outlook of the Australian Sports Industry

Careers in the sports industry are popular for those wanting to combine a passion for health and fitness with a rewarding profession.

With so many students opting for this career path and taking sports courses, some may be concerned about the longevity of a career in this field and whether it will continue to be a high-demand occupation in Australia.

In Australia, industry growth areas are a concern for many students, with some industries struggling to offer jobs to the volume of graduates completing their studies.

So, how do future Australian growth trends compare with study areas at TAFEs and universities?

In truth, the number of qualified graduates of fitness courses is growing, but cannot meet the demands of the rapidly growing industry.

This means there remains a high demand for workers in this field, which will only continue to grow in the coming years. Future job prospects in Australia for suitably qualified individuals are therefore promising.

Australians are becoming more conscious about their fitness and healthy lifestyles than ever before, and when paired with the national love of sport, it’s easy to see why this growth is so strong.

Although many graduates of online fitness courses become personal trainers, there are several other career options beyond the gym that are also growing.

With the increased popularity of betting platforms, new sports competitions, and increased access to sports broadcasts, the industry is not expected to slow down.

Industry Overview

The sports and recreation industry currently employs 74,100 Australians in over 7,500 businesses.

With an annual revenue of $11 billion, and five-year growth leading up to 2018 at 3.8%, the numbers demonstrate it to be a strong future job trend in Australia.

As a major Australian job growth area, there’s never been greater demand for those who are suitably qualified with a sports development course behind them.

Industry Opportunities

More important than ever for business success in the sports sector is to be consumer-friendly, effectively promote your products, and to nurture a loyal customer base.

Almost every career in sports hinges on these guiding tenets. They are the foundations to understanding marketing and business, and those seeking to further develop their career in this field ought to consider combined study in these areas.

One major change that is shaping the future of this industry is the growing popularity of online fitness courses.

This study option is making qualifications more accessible to more people, and boosts the opportunities for career starters and career changes to get their foot in the door of the industry.

Industry Careers

Professional Athlete

Many people enter the industry with a view to develop their own skills to become a professional athlete, such as an AFL player or golfer.

In addition to an exceptional level of talent gained through years of training, these candidates will need to undertake substantial lifestyle upheavals and prioritise their career from their teenage years.

8,000 athletes are currently employed in Australia, with a strong future growth rate predicted. Younger professionals almost always have an advantage when it comes to performance, and less than half of professionals in this field are employed full-time.

This can be a promising career pathway for talented individuals, and a sports development course qualification will enable you to pursue a series of other opportunities once you choose to retire, or to fill in your time off.

Coaches, Instructors and Officials

The considerably larger field of support staff makes up 40,000 employees Australia-wide.

A higher-demand occupation in the industry, there are multiple opportunities to move both up sideways.

Most common are Sports Development Officers, who coordinate club and athlete participation in programs. They are also responsible for boosting overall performance of both individuals and teams.

With an average full-time wage hitting nearly $60,000, part-time and contract positions are also common for those who want a more flexible lifestyle.

Courses for these roles will most likely include associate degrees or diplomas, as well as on-the-job experience.

You may start out with local clubs or junior competitions, and rise through the sector to work with professional athletes in state-of-the-art facilities.

Fitness Consultants

Fitness consultants require fewer qualifications to get started, and can choose to expand on their studies over time.

In these roles, you may design and deliver exercise and fitness classes tailored to specific groups of people, or provide one-on-one training.

As gyms and use of personal trainers is now very common, this is a sector with extremely high future growth predicted. Typically, more professionals in this field find full-time work, and the average age is higher at 35.

Improving Your Prospects

The sports industry is often represented in the top 10 careers in Australia for a balanced, rewarding lifestyle with dynamic challenges.

To lead the life you dream of and to stand out from a crowd of hopefuls, further study is almost always a necessity.

Whether you pursue traditional study options and combine it with fitness courses, or explore sports courses through niche industry providers, these qualifications will open doors for you.

A sports development courses or personal training accreditations will also help to shape your skills and knowledge to be at the forefront of industry expectations.

For the best in convenience, online fitness courses make it easier than ever to start your career without sacrificing your current lifestyle or income.

Discover how you can achieve the most in your career with an industry leading sports course today.