Diploma of Sport Development - SIS50612

Course Benefits

Do you want to build a career in the business of sport, working to make sure that your team meets their potential? 

SIS50612 Diploma of Sport Development gives you the skills and knowledge you need to jump-start a career in sport development.

Do you want to work in sport, but you're not sure of where?

SIS50612 Diploma of Sport Development will give you a view of the whole of the Sport industry and can provide a great pathway into a wide range of careers in sport.

Who will benefit from SIS50612 Diploma of Sport Development ?

  • School leavers and gap students looking to gain an insight into the sport and recreation sector
  • Those looking for a new career that fits their love of sport
  • Coaches and other professionals in industry looking to gain qualification and accreditation to formally recognise their skills
  • Young sports leaders wanting to take the next step towards working in sport
  • Athletes looking for an additional career pathway or avenue post/during professional play

This course is currently in teach-out - we are not enrolling new students at this time.

Diploma of Sport Development - SIS50612

SIS50612 Diploma of Sport Development provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to begin a career in sport development. Some of the key skill concepts and areas you’ll cover in this course include sports programming, sports nutrition, sports psychology, project and event management, anatomy and physiology, strength and conditioning planning & instruction and sports coaching.


   Nationally recognised - meets Australian

   Qualifications Framework standards

Study mode

Face to face practical classes, off-site study visitation programs to elite sporting clubs, organisations & mentoring from industry professionals


No upcoming classes are planned at this time.

Study load

12 months, full time (3 days per week)


Assessment method includes, short answer, scenario and case study, project work and extended answer as well as work placement, on the job assessment as per the practical placement log book

Start date

No upcoming classes are planned at this time.

Payment options

No upcoming classes are planned at this time. We are not currently accepting new enrolments for this course.


Tuition Fee = $11,000 with an option to include internships ($2,000), see our Schedule of Fees here and
Refund Policy here



Entry Requirements

No upcoming classes are planned at this time.



Course Overview

Further pathways

Gaining this qualification will open your options up if you are looking to specialise and move in to further education. This course offers a natural pathway into a range of other learning and development opportunities including personal training, sport science, human movement, sport coaching and sport management.

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Course Details

  • To be awarded the SIS50612 - Diploma of Sport Development,
    a student must successfully complete a total of 20 units of competency

    • 11 core units and
    • 9 elective units


    What is a Unit of Competency?

    A Unit of Competency (UOC) is a subject area. You will need to attend a series of practical workshops, lectures and tutorials for each UOC that will give you the necessary skills and knowledge needed in that particular area. You will need to satisfactorily complete an assessment for each UOC.

    The full list of units that we currently offer for this qualification are as follows:

    Core units:

    • BSBADM502B - Manage meetings
      Manage a range of meetings including overseeing the meeting preparation processes, chairing meetings, organising the minutes and reporting meeting outcomes.

    • ICAICT308A - Use advanced features of computer applications
      Use computer applications employing advanced features. It involves manipulating data and accessing support resources to solve routine problems.

    • SISSSCO306 - Provide drugs in sport information
      Provide information about performance enhancing and prohibited drugs to athletes and implement strategies to assist athletes to effectively address those issues according to legislative and sport-specific regulations.

    • SISSSCO307 - Provide nutrition information to athletes
      Enable coaches to provide information to support their athletes to apply the principles and practices of nutrition to achieve peak performance in the relevant sporting activity.

    • SISSSCO308 - Support athletes to adopt principles of sports psychology
      Enable coaches to support their athletes to apply the principles of sports psychology to their specific sporting activity. It focuses on assisting athletes to implement and evaluate psychological approaches to optimise their sporting performance.

    • SISXCAI306A - Facilitate groups
      Establish a functional group within the context of a sport, fitness and recreation activity. The unit focuses on the ability to facilitate a group of clients participating in a sport, fitness and recreation activity or a group of people within a sport, fitness or recreation organisation.

    • SISXCCS403A - Determine needs of client populations
      Gather, analyse and interpret data to plan and evaluate client service relationships and develop methods of improvement.

    • SISXIND404A - Promote compliance with laws and legal principles
      Apply legislation relevant to organisation operations. The unit focuses on analysis and interpretation of relevant legislation to inform the review of current organisation systems to determine compliance with legal obligations and promote the modification or development and implementation of systems to promote organisation compliance.

    • SISXIND406A - Manage projects
      Scope, implement, monitor and evaluate project-management plans and outcomes in specific activity areas, ensuring all resources are available to achieve project goals and that the project complies with legislative and organisational requirements.

    • SISXRSK502A - Manage organisational risks
      Develop, implement and evaluate a risk-management program for an organisation. You will assess risks, including potential risks facing the organisation, and develop strategies and procedures to mitigate risk situations.

    • SISXWHS402 - Implement and monitor work health and safety policies
      Implement work health and safety policies, procedures and programs within the context of an existing organisational WHS system.

    Elective units:

    • SISSSCO411 - Apply self-management to intermediate level coaching
      This unit focuses on the ability to apply self-reflection techniques and plan and implement a professional development plan.

      SISSSCO409 - Work collaboratively with support personnel
      Consult with others to develop and maintain an effective working relationship in relation to sporting activities or competition.

    • SISSSTC402A - Develop strength and conditioning programs
      Develop, implement and evaluate a strength and conditioning program. It focuses on the skills needed to develop a program which meets the needs of individual athletes or groups of athletes according to their sport-specific needs or those undertaking fitness programs to achieve personal fitness goals.

    • SISSSCO101 - Develop and update knowledge of coaching practices
      Develop and update information on coaching, including the legal and ethical issues that must be considered by coaches. The unit focuses on the ability to source and comprehend general principles of coaching as well as National Sporting Organisation (NSO) sport specific requirements and covers the initial and ongoing development of a person's required knowledge base.

      Note, this unit does not cover the technical requirements related to coaching in a particular sport. These are covered in other units.

    • SISSSCO513 - Plan and implement high performance training and recovery programs
      Apply sport-specific knowledge to implement a high-performance training program designed to refine the skills and performance of individuals participating at a high level.

    • SISSSCO512- Assist athletes to prevent and manage injury and illness
      This unit describes the performance outcomes skills and knowledge required enable coaches to assist their athletes with injury prevention and provide strategies to deal with illness and injury.

    • BSBFIM501 - Manage budgets and financial plans
      This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to undertake financial management within a work team in an organisation. It includes planning and implementing financial management approaches, supporting team members whose role involves aspects of financial operations, monitoring and controlling finances and reviewing and evaluating effectiveness of financial management processes.
    • SISSSCO303 - Plan and deliver coaching programs
      The unit focuses on the application of planning and organisational skills to determine developmental activities and delivery methods according to sports participants needs.

    • SITXEVT505 - Manage on-site operations
      Manage on-site operational activities for an event you will stage. It requires the ability to finalise operational plans, oversee event set-up, execution and break-down, and evaluate the operational success of events. This unit is relevant to events that are diverse in nature and are coordinated in many industry contexts, including the tourism, hospitality, sport, cultural and community sectors.

      It applies to event coordinators and managers as well as venue duty, front of house and operations managers who operate independently, and are responsible for operational decisions. They may work in event management companies, in event venues, or in organisations that organise their own events.
  • There are an increasing number of exciting opportunities available to those looking to build a successful career in the sport and recreational industry within Australia.

    Students successfully graduating from this qualification can expect to transition smoothly into employment into roles such as:

    • competition manager
    • program development coordinator
    • sport coach
    • talent development officer
    • sport development officer
    • sport venues and facilities manager 
    • sport administrator
    • program staff and managers at sport and recreation centres and resorts
    • sporting event manager/coordinator
    • sport marketing and media officer