Why study with us?

You get your own learning support team

When you enrol with us, you will be supported by a professional learning support team which includes a 
dedicated Training Coordinator, an expert Trainer & Assessor and a Training Officer.

Your Training Coordinator works with you to monitor progress, sort out problems and manage obstacles. They are working with you to ensure you graduate and achieve the goal you are seeking.

Whenever you need learning support outside of class time, you can contact your Training Coordinator via phone or email during office hours.

You can also contact your Trainer & Assessor via mobile and email, with a response time typically within 24 hours.


Competency-based training is not about pass or fail; it is about building skills. 

Competency-based training applies the concept of learning transferable skills and knowledge. This type of training places emphasis on what students can do in the workplace as a result of completing training.

Progress within a competency based training program is not based on a time frame. Once you have achieved or demonstrated the required competency you can progress in your training.

If you receive a mark ‘not yet satisfactory’ or ‘not yet competent’ you will be given suggestions for improvement and the opportunity to resubmit evidence of your competency.

There is no pass or fail in competency based training.